Saturday, September 27, 2014


Charles Henri Ford 
10 February 1908 - September 27, 2002

      Twelve years ago today Charles Henri Ford left this world at the age of 94. As most people acquainted with Charles will know, he changed the spelling of his middle name from Henry to Henri as a very young person to avoid any confusion with the Henry Ford of automotive fame. In poking around the internet, I discovered by accident that the very first Model T Ford car was assembled on this very day, September 27th, in 1908. September 27th is also noted as the day that the Balinese Tiger was declared extinct in 1937, and in 1968 on this date, the musical called HAIR opened in London. The actress Clara Bow, "The It Girl," as they called her, died on this day in 1965, and I'm sure that Charles must have seen all of her movies in his youth, because judging from his early diaries, he never missed a show. This is just a note to let him know, wherever he is now, that he is not forgotten, his dates of entry and exit are always remembered, and this will always be so.