Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Young Nepali woman, Pushpa Basnet, named CNN Hero of the Year, 2012

Young Nepali woman, Pushpa Basnet, named CNN Hero of the Year, 2012.

CNN Hero of the Year 2012, Pushpa Basnet. 
I always take notice of news from Nepal, and I’m always amazed by certain people who manage to do so much to help others with only their wit and resolve. This particular young woman, Pushpa Basnet, visited a prison when she was 21 years old as part of her studies. She was shocked by the sight of so many children living there with their parents who were serving jail time. The children hadn’t done anything wrong, and life was passing them by. She was not able to go away and forget about them, particularly after a little baby in the prison clung to her shawl and smiled at her.

She went through great trouble to raise enough money to start a daycare and was granted permission to take children out of prison during the daytime in order to give them some education and experience with the real, free world outside. She is now 28 years old, wise beyond her years, and she has changed the lives of hundreds of children for the better. I am happy that she was named Hero of the Year by CNN. Nobody deserves it more than she does.

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If anyone is interested to help or make donation to Pushpa's organization, please follow the link below.

-Indra Tamang

Early Childhood Development Center


  1. GOOD PEOPLE - GOOD THOUHTS! Well done! Indra dai, with creating this short but sweet blog asking contribution for good work.

    GOOD WORK - GOOD RESULT! Well done! Pushpaji, as human you have showed the real humanity.

    KEEP GOING.....