Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 10th is always for Charles Henri Ford

February 10th is always for Charles Henri Ford
Charles with his friends at Tea party hosted by him and Inrda. 1979, Dakota, NYC.

Today is Charles’s birthday (Feb 10th, 1908- Sept 27, 2002), and if he were here, he would be 105 years old. One of my tasks these days is cataloging boxes of his papers. To celebrate his birthday, I decided to open a file and randomly pull one page to see what might be on it.  The sheet I pulled was a typed page, and this is what I read:


TM: “Is the Dakota full of ghosts?”
CHF: “In the Dakota ghosts may stand by invisible at noon but I’ve never seen any at night.”

TM: “What is your most satisfying achievement?”
CHF: “At an early age I aspired to generate poetry. Now I have the satisfaction of being the daddy of my favorite haiku.”

Wherever Charles is—and perhaps he’ll be standing by invisible at noon—I want to wish him the happiest birthday yet. 

-Indra Tamang
 Feb 10th, 2013

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  1. Indra thanks for bringing Charles and yourself into my day! I love the time I was fortunate enough to spend with you & Charles & Penny. The essence of special people sticks to us like glue and I carry a little Charles with me wherever I go. Hug to your family, Chris Rael

  2. Thank you, Indra. Whenever I want to go back to a person or place that is gone, it is nice to have a way of finding the way there again. Water from a Bucket always takes me to Charles Henri

  3. Very sweet post, Indra. So gentle and lovely. k.