Thursday, September 27, 2018

Remembering Charles on the Day of His Passing

Remembering Charles on the Day of His Passing

In Paris on this day in 1934, Charles wrote in a letter:

To Daddy,

Arrived in Paris last night after a few days in Toulon and a couple of nights in Marseilles. Visited Aix-en-Provence on the way up, like walking in the 18th century. Spain has a brutality in the landscape that one misses in France. Paris doesn’t have the charm for me it once had and the sooner you send the money for me to come home on the better. Please make it as soon as possible. 

If I were to open the mailbox and find such a letter from Charles today, I would gladly send him the money for a ticket to come home, if that were possible. But during his long life, Charles saw and did and experienced enough for ten people. I imagine that he’s doing the same wherever he is now. I hope that he wanders the brutal landscapes that he loved here, and that each place he lands has all the charms (not lost) of old Paris and every other great cities in which he spent his earthly time. But wherever he may be, a part of him is always with me, and I’m always aware of him wherever I travel. 

Gone away but never forgotten, Charles.

Charles Henri Ford, Paris. Photo Credit: Michel Delsol

February 10, 1908 – September 27, 2002 - 2018

-Indra Tamang


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