Friday, June 22, 2012

Bibi and Polidi calling quit after 115 years union


Nothing last forever. Bibi and Polidi divorced after 115 years of marriage. (photo:
      Last week,  news went around the world about a pair of giant tortoises who are divorcing after living together in an Austrian zoo since 1897. The Austrian Times reported that after some nasty bickering, things degenerated between the two big turtles to the point that the lady turtle, Bibi, had bitten off a big piece of her husband Poldi’s shell. Was Poldi not able to satisfy her anymore? Apparently efforts by marriage counselors and even aphrodisiacs slipped into their food didn’t help.
     Tortoises like Bibi and Poldi usually live to be at least 200, which means that at the age of 115 Bibi is very likely in a hormone-induced midlife crisis. And that means that nothing Poldi can do or say will be the right thing, whatever he does will be wrong, and even the way he chews his food will be enough to make her want to bite his head off. So it’s probably a good thing that Poldi has moved out.  The zookeepers told the newspapers that Bibi and Poldi just couldn't stand each other anymore. I am just curious how many offsprings they might have produced if any, since the reports have not mentioned about this information.They both weighs about 220 pounds (100 kilos). Let’s hope for the best  for both of them.  

-Indra Tamang


  1. I for one, am not going to believe this is going to last long. They will be seen cuddling up or whatever they do in time of intimacy. Did any one suggest Viagra for Poldi and Prozac for Bibi yet?

    Very funny though, Vinaju. Keep it up.


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