Monday, August 23, 2010

What happened to Indra?

Where I was? Why I was not picking of my HOME phone? Well, I was not home. I was in a visit to Montana in an invitation from my daughter and her husband. I would definitely pick up the phone and talk, if I was home, especially when a reporter was calling. I wonder why I was not contacted in my cell phone.

What happened to Indra?

Nothing has happened to me.  I am same old Indra 'pining' to be what I have always been. As far as I can remember, I never ever commented in any news media that I was 'pining' for my mud house back in Nepal. I remember saying that I rather be left alone as I always was. I was indicating my life with my family in my house in Queens, not in the mud house in Nepal when I said that. I was saying that I was hit by the media because I was not prepared for it and I was never a very 'bold' person to face such interviews, that too so impromptu. When one gets hit in the head hard one sees stars swarming around his head - quiet common experience. I was trying to make a metaphor, I guess, which because of my 'broken English' sounded like I was boasting about my so called 'success'. And 'success' in the inverted meant, it was not success at all. If one reads  my blog CAREFULLY, one can easily figure it out, even if it was written in 'broken English'.

I had wonderful time with my daughter's family in Montana. When one works 7 days a week for 36 years without any vacation one tend to feel like he is boiling in a pressure cooker. Besides, New York compared to Montana, if this attempt to make a metaphor does not produce wrong meaning AGAIN, is like a pressure cooker. I escaped from the huge pressure cooker and landed in the serenity of Montana, and savored the nature to my fill for almost two weeks. I had the best of times in God only knows how long. It would taste even better if I had not had to face the biased question of "What happened to Indra?", when I got home.

Don't you think I deserve a little vacation for myself? I think I do.

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  1. "When one works 7 days a week for 36 years without any vacation one tend to feel like he is boiling in a pressure cooker."

    Amitabh Bachchan (not that you are him, not suggesting that at all) also took to blogging to prevent the media from distorting him and his comments.