Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lucky Pick

You never know where bad luck is lurking or good luck for that matter. I am talking about good luck this time. I have been harping about hard work lately. “If you work hard with honestly, perseverance and patience you get lucky.” However, yesterday was different. I did not do much to get lucky. Well, I did go to the picnic though.

I was invited to the Tamang picnic at Flushing Meadows Park, New York. During usual fun sharing which is normal in a picnic, I bought a raffle ticket. Actually, I was insisted again and again to buy it. I gave in and bought one anyway. And lo’ it got me a notebook computer. I guess that was the first time I got something without doing much.

“Again?” I could hear someone exclaiming behind me. She probably meant, after getting lucky with the Dakota apartments. Well, I don’t know…probably good luck comes in chain as well. I am just wondering when it is going to stop. But faith has it: Buddha guides you through thick and thin…

I am going with the flow…

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  1. "... that was the first time I got something without doing much."


    You inherited the Dakota apartments because you were family.