Friday, July 16, 2010

Poor Paul

The Germans wanted poor Paul - of course, Paul the Octopus - to be roasted in public! What is his crime? I don't know how many among his 9 brains was he using but he was predicting as if he was underwater Nostradamus. And wasn't he just in predicting what he saw was going to happen? He saw Germans going home so he predicted accordingly. I think Germans are overreacting. Are they blaming Paul for their poor game as well? Not that their game was THAT poor but you know, people are so prone in blaming other people. Ironically, this time it is not 'other people' the Germans are blaming. Poor Paul must have had sleepless nights until the Spaniard decided to transfer him to Madrid zoo - safest place yet. Or is it still a 'maybe' thing? If yes, they better hurry up before Poor Paul's life span proceeds his transfer to Madrid.

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