Friday, July 2, 2010

I rather be Indra

It hit me hard as hell. I knew it would hit me but I never thought it would hit me that hard so suddenly. I thought it would spar a little with me and would let me go...fluster me a little and that would be all. But it hit me harder than hell. The stars in my head lingered quite some time. The brightest lasted a good part of a week. It still shows up...sporadic though...but it still comes back sometimes -the sporadic media interviews, invitation to host talk shows, chair a program hosted to recognize my own 'success'.

I never thought I would be media blitzed the way I was when the news that Ruth left everything she had in my name hit the media. Mud house dweller from Nepal as I was, it shook me quite a bit, even though I have been spending the best part of each day in Dakota Building for 36 years in New York City. I never learnt how to handle such pressure.

"Congratulation, Indra, it is your hard work and honesty that did the trick"
"Hey, Indra, we are so happy for you".
"What's going on, Indra. Are you enjoying life."

I get these all the time. I wish it had been just like these. Milder, sincere and warm. Honest, pure and direct. Mud house dweller as I was I rather live in my own cocoon. I rather be Indra of yore. I rather live my own life than try to be someone else.


  1. You realize the reality of your fame and name when you are known by the media....But you don't even need any media to know the real Indra who will be always him forever...

  2. "I have been spending the best part of each day in Dakota Building for 36 years in New York City."

    Now I realize. You started blogging in reaction to the media attention you got. There was a part of you that said, I don't mind being famous, but present me the way I am.

    I think you earned it. As family to Ruth and Charles, and with 36 years of daily work. You gave them the best parts of your best days of your best years.

    You are a success story. You are no lottery winner.