Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chile Miners’ Rescue

The emotional roller coaster, the rescued Chilean cruised through seems to come to a halt now. I have been watching closely the tear jerking reunion, the euphoria, the bravados after the rescue

I have been pondering how they must have felt down there – living for 69 days half a mile down the surface of earth not knowing they will ever be rescued.
I was hoping each of the 33 miners trapped since 5 August would come up with their version of the anecdote about how they felt, what happened, what they ate, how they kept going, what was their faith etc but it seems that they made a blood pact down there to bury their stories behind. 
By the occasional contradiction between even brief statements from some of the miners, it can be guessed that other than the circumstantial hardship, they had to overcome squabbles amongst themselves and there was even a breach among them that divided them into 3 different groups but it is nothing unusual in such dire situations. 
I am assuming, the food rationing they handled perfect and their individual responsibility and willingness to comply with the rule did a greatest job in their survival and ultimate rescue. They survived 17 days in half a spoonful of tuna twice a day. This is a great feat under such appalling circumstance. 
Anyway, all is well that ends well, as they say!
Kudos to los 33.

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  1. I remember following this in the news, but I did not know all the details that you seem to know.