Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On Paul's Demise

Paul the Octopus died yesterday (Tuesday, 26 October, 2010). He had a short physical life span of two and a half years but in the course of living this short physical life he earned himself, probably, the longest ever life span amongst cephalopods, in the memories of co-existing homo sapiens.

Paul had this knack of predicting things that was going to happen in the future correctly. I don't know where he got it from but he thrilled the world recently in the summer World Cup in South Africa predicting correctly the outcome of all seven Germany matches and the final between Spain and the Netherlands.

Reportedly, he died a natural death and his caretakers in the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany say that Paul will be cremated in the next few days. His ashes will be placed in an urn and displayed in a shrine, along with a portrait and video clips from his life. They have already set up a condolence book where people can write their tributes to Paul.

Paul's news made me contemplate about the ongoing 'inability' of political leaders back in Nepal to even elect a prime minister for the country. I was wondering, now that Paul is dead and gone, and that while he was alive he was so good at predicting things, why not we summon his spirit to help us elect a prime minister in Nepal?

We would put all the eligible candidates inside separate boxes, each containing food in the form of a mussel and mark each box with the candidate's name and his election symbol. Candidate from whichever box Paul's spirit eats the mussel first will become the Prime Minister of Nepal. 

How about that?


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